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Weight loss misconceptions - part 3

This week (or rather last week - sorry for the late post), we want to address the misconception that weight loss (fat loss) is a linear process, that weight just keeps falling off continuously. It doesn't. Just because you've managed your diet well and that you've been for the extra walks round the park does not necessarily mean that the weight will consistently come off. Equally, if you're exercising regularly and at a decent level for your ability, this could also stunt the pounds coming off as you start or continue to put on muscle mass.

Weight loss is very much the opposite of a linear process with many contributing factors including your current state of mind, types of foods eaten through the week (some things can get stuck in the gut) and even water retention can change things dramatically. Because of this irregularity, it is not uncommon for people to fall into the trap of following diets promising extreme weight loss over short periods (but this is a subject for another day.)

The key for weight loss is consistency and even if some weeks your weight may increase, the overall trend should be that it reduces. However, for weight loss to be maintained, the path to it happening needs to be realistic and the calories consumed need to be relative to your exercise levels and current weight. Despite all of this however, weight loss plateaus at some point of your journey or indeed multiple points. This can be through the natural course of weight loss but also because your training has become stagnant and no longer challenging.

When we create programmes for our clients they have to be individually tailored. One person may want to build muscle and therefore you are going to be measuring fat loss and increasing calories consumed. Another may like to lose weight and tone up and this can be monitored on the scales. Some may want to get fitter and this can be measured through fit tests. From this you can see that relying on one method to monitor your progress does not necessarily work.

So, to summarise, it is important to create that healthy lifestyle change, to keep exercising and as you get better, keep upping the ante and challenging yourself to reap results. Very importantly, ask for support when you feel progress is stunted (you can message us anytime) as opposed to resorting to a dramatic change that in the long run, you are unable to maintain.

Enjoy your week, eat well, exercise and live!

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